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Harbor Wine & Spirits Pre-Remodel Sale/Re-Grand Opening Party


02/07/20 - 02/29/20    
10:00 am - 10:00 pm


Harbor Wine & Spirits
2135 Commerce Blvd, Mound, MN, 55364

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Greetings Friends,

Some exciting times at HWS! Please see below!

The City of Mound has operated a municipal liquor store since the repeal of prohibition in 1933 for the last 87 years The Mound Muni currently known as Harbor Wine & Spirits has offered tax relief through profits generated by sales of beer, wine, & spirits.


The current store was built at 2135 Commerce Blvd in 2004 & since then HWS has kept on top the new trends including the influx of national & local craft beer, wine, cider, & spirits as well as, most recently, alcoholic seltzers & sodas.


HWS strives to provide our patrons with current & innovative products as well as the old favorites all while keeping our community well hydrated, maintaining control of alcohol sales & generating a profit to alleviate the local tax burden.


After 16 years of fun, merriment & profit it has come to pass that the store needs a face lift to go along with all the new & innovative products it currently offers.

That being said we are currently moving into a full scale remodel & layout redesign. To date we have rearranged certain areas of the store to feel out new product locations, removed & cleaned all of the branded memorabilia(sorry we are keeping it right now) & had everything repainted. The next phase is to relocate the checkout area, temporarily, to its new location. The full remodel will take place February 9 through February 13. See schedule of events below.


February 7 & 8-Pre-Remodel Stock Up & Save Sale-10% off of everything in the store

Open 7th-10am-10pm with free samplings from 3pm-6pm

8th 9am-10pm free samplings Noon-6pm


February 9-The Last Dash!

Open 11am-1pm-NO discounts


February 10-12 remove old flooring & shelving & install new.

CLOSED for remodeling


February 13-Reopen-limited hours-just in time for Valentines Day shopping

Open 3pm-10pm


February 29-Re-Grand Opening Sale-15% off all booze(Bourbon Lottery bottles not included)

Open 9am-10pm-free samplings from Noon-6pm

Bourbon Lottery at 6pm-must register in store the day of & must be present to participate at 6pm!

Watch Facebook, Instagram & Twitter for more details.

Goodies on the Bourbon Lottery-Blanton’s, Weller, Henry McKenna, Stagg, Elijah 12yr Barrel Proof, Pappy Van Winkle, Old Rip Van Winkle & more