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Great Waters Cask Beer Dinner

Great Waters’ Anniversary Week may be over, but due to a turn of events (fortunate for you if you missed the orignal date), one last hurrah comes in the form of a rescheduled All Cask Beer Dinner.

The Menu:

1. Smoked Tomato Capsicum with GW House Ale
2. Carnitas Lettuce Wrap with Blackwatch Oat Stout
3. Almond Encrusted Walleye & Tomato Scallop Sauce with Dry-Hopped St. Peter Pale Ale
4. Pork Tenderloin, Polenta & Mild Chipotle Sauce with New Centurian Mild Ale
5. Fruit Pizza & Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookie with Cask Brown Trout Brown Ale

$65 reg / $55 MBA members (includes tax and grat)
Seating Limited – Call 651-224-2739 to reserve your spot.

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