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Heritage Thursday Tasting: Liefman’s

This week’s Thursday tasting at Heritage? Three nice beers from Liefman’s for all you wild-beer loving fools… as well as those of you who don’t quite know whether or not this kind of beer is for you. Try it…

For all of you that say ‘I don’t like beer” well this is a tasting you have to make it to. The return of Belgium’s Liefmans to American stores is a welcome sight, nothing quite matches the Belgian technique of open fermentation, proprietary yeast & wild yeasts that produce tart, sour notes in the finished beer. The 3 brews currently available all use a brown ale base, with Goudenband being a complex blend of various vintages of strong Belgian brown ale, Cuvee Brut essentially a Kriek since it is refermented with cherries, and Fruitesse, which is also matured on fresh cherries, but enriched with natural juices of raspberry, strawberry, bilberry and elderberry. For this Thursday’s tasting we’ll have market manager Shaun Wolf in-store answering questions and pouring samples of all 3.