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MNBeer T-Shirt Pre-Order

Orders need to be in on Monday by 9pm central for this batch. Thanks!

Through Monday, we’ll be taking pre-orders for a batch of MNBeer Pint & Crossbones t-shirts. We’re offering both a men’s specific t-shirt & a women’s shirt. Ladies have the option of a pink shirt. Sorry guys. $20 (slightly more for 2XL & 3XL) covers the shirt & shipping. You’ll need a Paypal account & can pay with credit card or your bank account.

Shirts will be ordered on Sunday and we’ll fulfill them as soon we get them afterward. At this point, I think it’s fair to assume they’ll be here for Xmas. We’ll order extras as well, but the only way to be sure you’ll get one is to order it.

Questions? Shoot me a line

Men’s Black T-Shirt

Women’s Black T-Shirt

Women’s Pink T-Shirt