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Ommegang Half Price Belgian Night at Bulldog Uptown

The Bulldog (Lyndale) will be celebrating their monthly Half Price Belgian Night on Tuesday with some Brewery Ommegang features.  Along with their normal items on tap they will have special limited kegs such as Three Philosophers, Aphrodite, Gnommegang, & Adoration as well as a very special keg being tapped and sampled next to our normal Adoration, a Bourbon Barrel Aged Adoration  Only 8 were made!  Ommegang typically doesn’t do barrel aged beers, but every once in a while the brewers do something special and then those  kegs are generally used in their café in Cooperstown at the brewery.  Description from Phil Leinhart our Brewmaster:

The barrels were Buffalo Trace bourbon barrels that had Sam Adams Utopias in them prior to us getting them. The Adoration definitely picked up bourbon qualities from these barrels. It also leached some hints of vanilla from the wood. The alcohol content may have risen a bit due to the spirits previously contained in the barrels.

Get all these amazing options and more…..all at HALF PRICE!