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Al’s Birthday @The Nile

When you’re young, your birthday is all about you. But when you get a little older you realize it can be just as fun to give on your birthday as to get. And in true Al form, his birthday means we beer drinkers get liquid gifts.

A special night of beer tappings in event of my 42nd. Cask Surly Furious (tapping at 6 pm), Avec les Bons Veoux, Avery Samael’s (16%), Mikkeller Black Hole(13%), Coniston Bluebird Bitter, Mad River Double DreadSteelhead Double IPA…here’s to finding the ultimate answer. Is that what happens when you turn 42?

So head down to The Blue Nile, wish Al another great year, and enjoy!


  1. al says:

    There should be a comma between Avery Samael’s and Mikkeller Black Hole…and the cask is being tapped at 6pm. And we’re offering sample sets of this high-test stuff. The Avery is 16%, the Mikkeller 13%!
    Thanks for posting this, guys, and I hope to see you people there!


  2. al says:

    Oh, and I just realized it’s Mad River Steelhead Double IPA, not Double Dread Imperial Red.

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