Author: Eric

Eric was one of a few contributors who jumped on board when the site was in its infancy.

Indeed at Thomas NOW

Nate from Indeed Brewing is at Thomas Liquors right NOW until 7pm. He is going to sample the Midnight Ryder and Day Tripper, but also growlers of Sweet Yamma Jamma and Haywire. This should be a good primer for Darkness Eve.

Thomas Celebrates ABR

Third Street Brewing will be tasting their trio of beers this Friday, September 14 at Thomas Liquor. Fitty will also be celebrating ABR weekend by sharing some of his personal cellar gems.  The beer starts flowing at 4:00.

Darkness 2012 Label Art via brings you the artwork for the 2012 Darkness label. No surprise, it’s hauntingly awesome.

Label text:

The lycanthropes gather under the full moon at Surly Brewing Company, awaiting their transformation. Though they fear the light, they yearn for the Darkness that will soon wash over them. Drawn together to share the night, their stories and their treasure, they know Darkness will soon be theirs. It is as black as the sky on a moonless night, but these souls aren’t so lucky. Their metamorphosis is imminent, but they all agree that it is a price they are each willing to pay.

Each year, we select a different artist to create a Darkness-inspired monstrosity. Local artist, Brent Schoonover, brought this year’s shape-shifting beast to life.