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Cellar’s Roseville Beer Tasting

Mmm. Free beer…

This week’s theme: Headin’ Back Home to Minnesota (and Wisconsin). Friday, November 17th. Well Colorado has locked up a birth in the finals, and now the question is, will it be MN/WI representing the other half for the U.S., or will new #2 Northwest carry into the finals? This week we will sample some of the best Minnesota and Wisconsin have to offer, and finish up our tour of the states. After this week we will do a Christmas beer tasting before heading off to do the countries. As of right now Colorado has a good lead followed by NW, then Michigan, and the NE and California are heading up the rear. So come on in and try some free beer, because drinking in a crowd is so much more fun!

The Cellars Wines, Brews & Spirits FREE – IN STORE Beer Tastings begin at 7 p.m. and no reservations or fees are required. Please call or email me with any suggestions, questions or special requests.

Thank you,

Joe Haugen
The Cellars Wines, Brews & Spirits
1149 Larpenteur Ave W