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Double Release at TH

Mark your calendar for next Monday, when Town Hall will be releasing two brews. Plus, a teaser about their upcoming Anniversary Week.

Hey All,

Thanks for swinging by yesterday for some Fresh Hop Ale! Sorry we ran shy on growlers, our stock was depleated. The truck brought us more so we have tons of growlers of Fresh Hop ready to go for you today!

This coming monday 10/18 we will release our Pumpkin Ale as well as Blueberry Milk Porter (5pm). Get your growlers monday of Pumpkin Ale, Blueberry Milk Porter, and just maybe still some Fresh Hop.

Anniversary Week Begins 10/25. Expect a full batch of Mango IPA (and in growlers), our hoppy Anniversary Ale, Three Hour Tour, and some barrel aged beer during that week. I have heard that “The Czar” may show his face, seems he is tired of hanging out with his buddy “Jack”. Exact details to follow.