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Bauhaus Brew Labs Pupper Bowl


02/02/19 - 02/03/19    
5:00 pm - 12:00 am


Bauhaus Brew Labs
Bauhaus Brew Labs

We are pleased to announce the second annual Bauhaus Pupper Bowl! Join us on Saturday, February 2nd as we welcome good doggos and their respective humans alike to partake in a day chock-full of pupper activities and celebration.

11am: Doors Open
11am-12pm: Adoption event featuring real life dogs from Ruff Start Rescue
12pm-6pm: Bowl Games

Bowl Games
○ We’ll be hosting a series of “bowls” over the course of the day and have organized these bowls by weight class.
○ Puppies will be divided into 2 teams with the objective of scoring “touchdowns” with dog toys.
○ $16 gets your pup into one round of their respective bowl, 2 beers and a branded bandana. Please follow the registration button to sign up based on your doggo’s weight!

Small Bowl: Pups any age, weighing less that 20 lbs
Medium Bowl: Pups any age, between 20 – 50 lbs
Large Bowl: Pups any age, weighing 50+ lbs