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McCann’s New Seasonal Beers

Chris from McCann’s in St. Cloud sent me message about two of McCann’s new seasonal’s, Wee Willy Scottish Export Ale and Batch 100.

British Pale Ale, Dark crystal and roasted barley malts make up the soul of this ale. Hops are kept to a minimum to highlight the deep toasted/roast flavors of the malt. Your local “groundskeeper” will love it.

This German Kotbusser style ale is a bit of a outlaw, as it is brewed with the addition of honey, oats and molassas. This goes against the German purity law of 1516, the Reinheitsgebot, which states that beer may only be brewed with water, malt and hops (they didn’t know about yeast yet). This old world golden German ale is fermented in cooler temperatures with a hybrid ale strain that has lager characteristics. Hops from St. Cloud’s sister city, Spalt, Germany are added to the brew kettle for medium bitterness. The oats add texture to the body and the honey and molassas give this beer a soft underlying complexity with a crisp, refreshing finish. A perfect match for our hot Minnesota summers.