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Meet Senior Brewer John Hall from Goose Island

John J. Hall, son of founder John Hall and the Senior Brewer from Goose Island is making a few stops in the Twin Cities this week to chat about anything beer and anything Goose Island.

West: Head over to The  Four Firkins tonight (that’d be Thursday) between 4-6pm for a sampling with John from Goose Island.

We’ll have free samples of Matilda, Pere Jacques, Sofie, Demolition and Fleur for you to try.

East: Head over to Heritage Liquors on Friday from 5-7pm. (Check out Frank’s blog post.)

As homebrewers ourselves, we’re excited to be able to talk with the guy who makes Bourbon County Stout. We’ll also be sampling some Goose Island brews, hopefully including a few special ones.

…or you could do both… some of you, I suspect, will…