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1st Annual St. Arnoldus Day Bike Pub Crawl

To celebrate the Patron Saint of Belgian Beer, Lanny from Artisanal Imports is leading a bike pub crawl!

Meet at the Bulldog, Lyndale at 1:00 to start and then onward to the Muddy Pig in St. Paul by about 2:30 and finishing up across the river at The Blue Nile at about 4:00. Bonus stops are not outside the realm of possibility.

They’ll be giving away some swag and sharing some good Belgian beer action. Lanny will be talking smart at every turn and doing his best to entertain. Prizes for the most Belgian-y bike.

Contact Lanny at with any questions.


  1. Kyle says:

    Seriously guys? Lanny you’re a nice dude but this is a douche move.

  2. Curious says:

    Why is it a douche move?

  3. Jon from Stubs says:

    Pretty douchey. Yes.

  4. Dan says:

    I thought the same when I saw it.

  5. Ben says:

    Curious: Because it’s the same day as the Firkin Party On Wheels.

  6. Curious says:

    Ben: I see. Thanks for pointing that out.

  7. Lanny says:

    Coincidences happen, brothers. I’m sorry you view it as a “douche” move and I’m also sorry that you guys chose to air it out here instead of contacting me directly. My email was in the post. I’d say that evens up the all around douche score.

    Events get scheduled at the same time all the time and I’ve done three bike pub crawls in the past so it’s not like I lifted an idea from anyone. Hell, I even brought a bike group to Stub’s once and god knows I’ll never sell a beer there!

    So simmer down, don’t worry about it and be comfortable with the fact that this fair city can support one big pub crawl (the Firkin Party on Wheels) and one tiny one (St. Arnoldus). I don’t think I’m going to steal anyone from your group, fellas.

  8. Jon from Stubs says:

    There are a lot of Sundays in the summer that do not have beer events. There are a few of us that would have been happy to do two (or more) bike events in the summer. Too bad we can’t since they are both at the same time.

    That is just my opinion, “Brother.”

  9. Mag says:

    I kinda think we outta bring the two bike gangs together for a Ron Burgundy-reporter-rumble type of moment. We can invite those anarchist-type fellows who like to block traffic, some of the brightly-colored spandex folks and, just to shake things up a bit, a pedal-pub full of ne’er-do-wells. We can leave Mpls bike cops out, for the obvious reasons. Hell, maybe we can get some Trekkie-types to roll into the action on Segways!

  10. Lanny says:

    This July 18th thing is not random. It’s something our company has been planning for some time and is part of an admittedly small national promotion. I threw the pub crawl on at the last minute just to support the three bars in town that are supporting me. I’d be thrilled to get a dozen people.

    I’m not sure where the animosity is coming from in your tone, Jon, but it surprises me in the context of a simple overlap in scheduling. I am certain you will have a great day and you are always invited to join on the next bike pub crawl. There may be one in the fall but there certainly will be one the Sunday before the Super Bowl next winter.

  11. Lanny says:

    Mag, I like the idea but the Segway folks are spooky.

  12. mag says:

    Just make them put their phasers on stun and no one will get hurt…too bad.

  13. Jon from Stub's says:


    I am sorry about being upset. It is just that, well, you have announced you are doing virtually the same promotion, on the same day, as us.

    It is a slight.

    Other than that, I am done responding to this thread. In an effort to keep whatever dignity I have left in tack.

  14. Lanny says:

    I’m going to have a fantastic weekend and I hope the same for everyone else.

    Who knows, the streams may cross. . .

  15. Jason says:

    I thought crossing the streams was “bad”

  16. Mag says:

    “There’s something very important I forgot to tell you. Don’t cross the streams… It would be bad… Try to imagine all life as you know it stopping instantaneously and every molecule in your body exploding at the speed of light.”

  17. al says:

    I just want to know what a “belgian-y bike” is….

  18. Jason B says:

    Mag, that works for me! I’m on a separate THIRD pub roll! Well, it’s really just me and some of my sister’s friends getting together for a non-sponsored, non-sanctioned ride, but, still, you’re all about to be in… DEAD place!

  19. al says:

    Jason, you …oh, I won’t say it…

  20. Rich says:

    I can’t believe that someone that ownes a bar wouldn’t know that today is St. Arnoldus feast day(saint of beer for you that obviously don’t know). What a stupid time to schedule a firkin pub crawl unless of course it has true Belgian Beer.

  21. Jonny says:

    Folks, a little ‘crossing of streams’ as it were, will *not* be the end of Beer Life as We Know It. I believe that the only words that suffice to bring this whole kerfuffle to a close are: “Relax. Don’t Worry. Have a home-brew.”

    Either that, or Goose Island’s Midwest Regional sales folks had *better* start getting the okay from every other brewery and importer, and vice-versa, before any future events are scheduled anywhere in town, and I can’t see that being very easy to accomplish, eh?!

    @ Rich

    I am almost positive of the fact that Jon Landers doesn’t own Stub and Herbs ; )

  22. Rich says:

    Jons quote: I am sorry about being upset. It is just that, well, you have announced you are doing virtually the same promotion, on the same day, as us.

    “as us” If he doesn’t own it that’s a strange statement.
    Upset over 2 bike rides in the same day. Get a life.
    “Have a home brew” I’d rather have a Belgian Beer that been brewing for 150+ years than have something from someone that “home brews”
    I’ve decided that everyone must clear it through me before anyone has another pub crawl on a bike. I’ll let people know if it’s OK to do one, otherwise I’ll be upset.

  23. Jonny says:

    @ Rich

    “I’ve decided that everyone must clear it through me before anyone has another pub crawl on a bike. I’ll let people know if it’s OK to do one, otherwise I’ll be upset.”

    Hah! Methinks you win this round. As for my non-biking riding self, I am gonna go crawl over to yonder ‘fridge and relax with a non-Belgian, non-homebrew : )

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