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Gang, I removed a post I’d made earlier in the day regarding a series of fund-raising beer tastings to be held in MN and the Dakotas in 2009.  I’d learned of the events through a published ad in a publicly available rag, found a site chock-full of information, and decided to share the excitement.  I also gathered a bit more information and learned that there are still quite a few details to be worked out with respect to these events.  Locations, dates, beer offerings, food vendors and live music are all subject to change and the information available was not complete.  I got the okay to leave the post up, but after thinking about it for a while, I decided to pull it back until things have firmed up a  bit.  That seems to be the prudent thing to do.

But never fear!  When details firm up a bit more, we’ll repost information on the event.  Sit tight!