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Gang, I removed a post I’d made earlier in the day regarding a series of fund-raising beer tastings to be held in MN and the Dakotas in 2009.  I’d learned of the events through a published ad in a publicly available rag, found a site chock-full of information, and decided to share the excitement.  I also gathered a bit more information and learned that there are still quite a few details to be worked out with respect to these events.  Locations, dates, beer offerings, food vendors and live music are all subject to change and the information available was not complete.  I got the okay to leave the post up, but after thinking about it for a while, I decided to pull it back until things have firmed up a  bit.  That seems to be the prudent thing to do.

But never fear!  When details firm up a bit more, we’ll repost information on the event.  Sit tight!


  1. Jason says:

    If only this restraint was applied to the St. Paul Beer Festival…..

  2. Mag says:

    How’s that?

  3. Mag says:

    Come to think of it, I think I know what you mean. We don’t post information that isn’t already public in one form or another. We’ve posted a number of things where information was widely available and pulled them back entirely or temporarily because details were still being worked out. That’s usually at the request of whomever is planning it. And that makes sense because we don’t want our sharing of information to have a negative impact on the planning of the event.

    Now, if the event planners don’t care, then I think we like to leave the information up and provide updates. It’s nice to keep things front-of-mind, so to speak. The responsibility for information release to the public resides with the event planners/owners. If they choose to get folks in-the-know sooner rather than later, we’re happy to oblige.

    I’m not sure if that response was on point, but there it is.

  4. Scott McGerik says:

    If you waited until all the details were firmed up, there would be events for which you could not post anything until the week before the day of the event.

    I know that when I see an announcement posted on that it is not the official announcement. I don’t see any point in getting wound up about a lack of information in anything posted on since most of the times you guys are just reposting what is already out there on the Web.

  5. Scott McGerik says:

    I think it’s stupid that event organizers would post about their events and then ask you guys to pull your posts because “the details have not been firmed up.”

  6. ryan says:

    We don’t have a set rulebook on this sort of thing… with respect to the St. Paul Summer Beer Fest, we posted as soon as the organizers shared info with us about the event, even though the website wasn’t done. Occasionally we do get ahold of information and are asked to pull it down (not sure if this was the case with this event…) With the traffic that this site receives, we do need to be a little careful – things jump onto Beer Advocate and other sites rather quickly after they are posted, so occasionally we’ll catch an event organizer by surprise… for example we posted something about a Tyranena event at The Four Firkins that came from the Tyranena newsletter and pulled back on it at Alvey’s request as details weren’t 100% firm and we’d hate to send 100 people into 4F for such an event.

    Where am I going with this? Not sure, but I suspect you get the idea…

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