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Chop & Brew #17: Fresh Hop Tasting Notes

A bit late on this post. You know – holidays and life and all.

Chop & Brew rounds out the triology of homegrown hop episodes with this episode in which the krewe tastes the massively hop-backed / fresh-hopped beer homebrewed in Episode 14… with hops seen in their infancy in Episode 06. For links including the recipes discussed in this episode and Chop & Brew Logo T-Shirts, see this official episode page link. Or just watch in this handy-dandy YouTube viewer.

Fresh Hop Double Session IPA, anyone?

Chop & Brew #12: Belgian Dark Strong Ales

Chop & Brew is joined once again by Wyeast brand manager Michael Dawson for a backyard brew session. The goal: a high-gravity Belgian Dark Strong Ale. We discuss what it takes to create a successful “big beer” while sampling a high-octane brew from Dawson’s homebrew cellar. Brewers, we’d love to hear your tips and techniques to high-gravity brewing. Leave a comment below this video.

Chop & Brew #10: Boat Bitter (Brewing Session Ale at Home)

It’s summer in The Cities and we’re in need of a low-alcohol, yet high-flavor beer. Enter Wyeast Brand Manager (and Saint Paul local) Michael Dawson with the cure: Boat Bitter. Dawson has some great advice for crafting a superb session-strength British Bitter utilizing a limited edition yeast strain, an off-the-beaten-path hop, and plenty of nerd power. Homebrewers, also check out the bonus video footage from the brew session for even more brewgeek awesomeness. Brew small!

Chop & Brew #7: Roll Out the Barrels

A group of local homebrewers is having a barrel of fun. Actually, FOUR barrels of fun! The Nordeast Brewers Alliance is on an epic mission: to fill four 59-gallon French oak wine barrels with some big batches of homebrew. Twin Cities’ own Chop & Brew webshow rides shotgun on barrel fill day and checks in for a three-month taste panel to see how the beer are progressing. See this episode page link for the club’s barrel beer recipes and more.