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Chop & Brew #38: Homebrewing With Tea

A new episode of the locally produced homebrew/cooking webcast Chop & Brew is now online. This episode focuses on the topic and technique of homebrewing with tea. Tea geek/homebrewer Jessica Hanley (until just recently the manager of Eden Prairie TeaSource) talks about methods for brewing/infusing beer at home using tea. She also hosts a flight of her tea-kissed homebrews. We also throw Summit’s new Unchained 19: Make It So in the mix since it is an ESB infused with Early Grey tea. Relevant and timely!

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C&B 36 – Big Brew Day at Summit
Dozens of homebrewers descend upon Summit Brewing Company for American Homebrewers Association Big Brew Day to brew extract, all-grain and Brew in a Bag batches of homebrew and enjoy a great day in the Minnesota sun.

Speaking of Summit’s Make It So, here is a bit more about the beer, its Star Trek nerd inspiration and effect of the Earl Grey tea:

(Full disclosure: post author works at Summit. Sup.)

Big Brew Day at Lucid Saturday

bfdFriends, Romans, homebrewers! Lend me your ears… er eyes. On Saturday, our friends at Lucid Brewing Co. will host a Big Brew Day celebration from 8am-5pm. Big Brew Day takes place around the country on the first Saturday in May as a celebration of National Homebrew Day.

Saturday is your chance to celebrate the holiday at Lucid. Whether you’re a seasoned brewer or new to the hobby, you’re invited to the brewery to learn more about brewing, connect with local homebrew clubs, drink Lucid beers and more.

That’s not enough for you? How about a chance to catch Dave Okar and his film, “Crafted to Last?” Gear and prizes from Midwest Supplies? A food truck? Lots of beer nerds?

Lucid’s BFD (Brewer for a Day) will also be announced Saturday. The BFD will join the Lucid brewing team for a day and have their beer on tap at Lucid. The beer will also be entered into the Pro-Am contest at the Great American Beer Festival.

Good times! Don’t miss it!

Chop & Brew # 34: Bad Ass Saison with Nathan Smith

Our homebrewing friends at Chop & Brew are back in the Bad Ass Brewery with a bad ass guest host and co-brewer – Nathan Smith! Nathan is an awarding-winning homebrewer who calls the Bay Area home, but he’s originally from Minnesota — which is why he’s such a great brewer, of course. During a recent trip home, the Chop & Brew krewe invited Nathan to take the helm of the Bad Ass Brewery. The result: a split-batch of saison, lessons on mash efficiency, making brew day changes on the fly, and some schooling on farmhouse ales.

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Northern Brewer Pumpkin Peach Ale

nbpeachHere’s a thumb to the nose for Budweiser’s silly ad that picks on craft beer.

Northern Brewer has introduced “The  Peach of Resistance Pumpkin Peach Ale” as a homebrew kit. “No suds. No rice. No pretense.”

The recipe is designed to feature faint pumpkin spice character, a malty body and lots of peach in the nose. Do you need to brew this beer? Click here.

Beer Personality:

  • Stands for innovation and experimentation and the ingenuity of the craft brewer
  • An unlikely combination of flavors that works together because its brewed the right way
  • Opposes sameness and conformity in brewing
  • Proudly an Ale, rather than mere “golden suds”