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Schell’s Emerald Rye

August Schell Brewing Company has a brand-spanking new beer coming out later this month, Emerald Rye, a hoppy rye lager. At 60 IBUs, we’re looking at a beer with bittering units in the IPA realm and the addition of rye should add a nice, spicy character. So what about Emerald hops? Otherwise known as Smaragd, this is a fairly new German hop variety said to have fruity, floral characteristics. Schell’s describes the beer as having a biscuit-y malt base, deep ruby color, spicy rye and hop presence as well as notes of lemon and marmalade.

I’d like to try it. July 17th is the release date for draft, 6- and 12-packs.


IBU’s: 60
ABV: 6.2%
Malts: 2-row, Vienna, Caramunich, Carvienne, Victory, Rye, Carapils
Hops: Smaragd (German for Emerald), Opal, Tettnang