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Winterfest Teaser: Fitger’s Brewhouse

If you’re on their email list, you might already know that Fitger’s Brewhouse is releasing their Beargrease Belgian Ale next week, a Belgian pale ale, said to be Amsterdam Ale’s (yum!) darker cousin. That’s all fine and well… but do you know what they’re bringing to Winterfest next Friday? Five new never-released beers, the Great Lakes Series:

Michigan O.G. 20p abv 10.3% ibu 23
Lake Michigan Scottish Wee Heavy is a strong Scottish ale, aged with dried cherries from the shores of Lake Michigan’s Grand Traverse Bay. A strong malty finish blends with the dried fruit flavors from the cherries to create the back bone for this high alcohol beer.

Ontario O.G. abv 8% ibu 31
Ontario is a tribute to the Trappist beer, Orval. Only beer brewed under the watchful eye of the Cistercian monks, has the right to use the strictly controlled name of “Tappiste”. Ontario is a Belgian style Pale Ale that has been dry hopped and conditioned with Brettanomyces. Brettanomyces is a wild yeast commonly found on the skins of fruit. This yeast contributes a unique characteristic. Ontario has a rich orange hue and a dense creamy head. The flavor profile presents a balance between sweet malty honey and a citrus hop bite.

Huron O.G. 21.9 abv 9.2 ibu 39
Huron is a smoked doppelbock.  It is a stronger version of our standard doppelbock and includes over 30% cherry-smoked malt in the grain bill.  A pleasant smoky aroma greets you as you tip your glass for that first sip.  Huron is a full-bodied beer with strong malty and smoky flavors.  This beer benefited from the 7 months of aging it received.  Enjoy your beer journey around the Great Lakes, the source of 21% of the world’s fresh water!

Erie O.G. 18.5 abv 9% ibu 41
Belgian style strong golden ale. Significant tropical fruit aroma layers over a modest base of creamy malt. Alcohol warmth and yeas character harmonize to create deep spice notes. These flavors are intensified by the addition of toasted Grains of Paradise seeds, which lend a pepper spiciness, which lingers nicely.

Superior O.G. 19.2 abv 9.1% ibu 24
Imperial German Schwartzweizen
This black wheat ale could be called an Imperial Wheat Porter. This brew pours cloudy dark brown, almost black, and is topped by a massive brown head. The aroma beckons with abundant ripe banana bread and plum  bolstered by fresh, spicy cloves and dark malts. The flavor features roasted barley that is slightly burnt with big toffee sweetness that coats the tongue. The brew’s spice qualities increase in intensity through the swallow, but never overpower the palate. Superior features a big body, dry finish and roasted grains and red fruits that linger deep into the aftertaste.

Thanks Dave!