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Since 2005, has been bringing thirsty consumers in Minnesota all of the local beer news that’s fit to print, covering breweries, brewpubs, bars & restaurants serving local/craft beer and homebrew. We’re Minnesota’s hub for craft beer information. And not to be cocky, (we’re pretty damn humble), but here are some interesting tidbits for you, dear prospective advertiser:

  • MNBeer is one of the most-visited beer website in Minnesota.
  • City Pages & its readers liked us enough to award us 3 Best of the Twin Cities Awards (2006, 2009, 2011). Growler readers gave us two “Kind of a Big Deal” awards, too.
  • The press in Minnesota calls upon us often for story help almost monthly – among others, we’ve contributed to stories with MPR, Star Tribune, WCCO, City Pages & Imbibe Magazine.
  • Our audience loves craft & local beer. Needless to say, they’re a pretty precise targeted market.
  • We are not salespeople. We hate “hard sell” techniques and don’t want you to waste your advertising dollars.

Ad packages are available for as little as a 1-month period. We offer two locations on the site for run-of site advertising, opportunities for sponsored posts and advertising on our sister site, Contact ryan AT for questions & rates.

As a general rule, we do not offer advertising to the following:

  • Macro breweries
  • “Malternative” beverages (Cider, yes. Spazzberry Fusion Mega Spritz, no.)
  • Competing businesses when there are 3 or fewer in a market
  • Gambling, porn, drugs, non-beer politics or religion (you thought we were gonna’ say rock’n’roll, didn’t you?) – not that we take issue with these things per se – it’s just not our style.

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