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All American Opening!

As yet another sign that Minnesota is slowly but surely scratching and clawing its way up the hill towards brewing respectability, All American Grill and Brewhouse will be opening in Waverly, MN on November 12th.  Okay, maybe that opening is a bit dramatic, but I get excited about these things.  For those of you wondering, Waverly is about 30 miles west of Minnetonka on Highway 12.  Now, my wife and I got burned a few years back by getting ourselves all excited about the opening of Bandana in Mankato and rushing down there to check it out, only to find out that they weren’t quite ready to tap their kegs.  So, as to avoid any similar embarrassment, you may want to give All American to see if they’ll be serving their beer before you make the trip out there.  If I weren’t so lazy, I’d call for you.  But there it is…  Maybe we’ll see some of you there???