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And the Debate Goes On…

There have been some interesting discussions going on around the web with regards to Beer Advocate magazine’s “Extreme Beers” issue, particularly in the Brewer’s Association forums. The editors of BA and Lew Bryson seem disagree wholeheartedly with folks such as Ashton Lewis (BYO‘s technical editor and Master Brewer at Springfield Brewing Co.) with regards to just what “beer advocacy” is. I have a lot of respect for both Bryson’s writing as well as Lewis’, and I suspect that the real answer to the question of “beer adocacy” lies somewhere in a grey zone between the two. In any case, there are some interesting opinions being expressed. Who is right?  Who knows…

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  1. beachscrat says:

    Tomme Arthur from Port Brewing/The Lost Abbey had an interesting post on this subject. Stan Hieronymus posted some comments about it as well here:

    I personally think that there is always a time and place for brewing to style as the guidelines state. And the guidelines should stay put. However, there should always be some pushing of the boundaries. I don’t think the existing BJCP guidelines should change, but I ‘m not against adding a couple of styles to the list every now and then. Extreme brewing is doing nothing but adding choices, which I personally would never complain about.

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