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Apparently Summit is Doing Something

Notice the cap on the beer? It’s okay. We’re sure this photo is for illustrative purposes and not a blatant disregard for safety.

We’re told that there is indeed a giant hole in the ground outside of the brewery as well as some noisy equipment outside and things are happening… legally… and on an unspecified timeline. Kick back for a few paragraphs of PR that would fit nicely on the pages of McSweeneys and ponder just what is happening at Summit Brewing Co.

Recent visitors to the Summit Beer Hall & Patio may have noticed a giant hole in the ground outside our brewery, as well as a Komatsu PC35 Mini Excavator parked beside a large pile of dirt. This is because we have begun remodeling our brewery’s public spaces. As more changes take place in the coming weeks, rest assured the construction activity is temporary, beer production will not be affected, and we have obtained all necessary permits from the City of St. Paul.

Because we intend to remain open during renovations, we have taken a variety of precautions to keep the Beer Hall & Patio areas safe for our guests. We’ve installed a sturdy fence around the abyss, for starters, and we’ve strung up some bright yellow CAUTION tape, too. Respect these boundaries and everything will be fine.

Although we don’t want to divulge any specific details at this time — anticipation is the height of joy, as they say — we can confirm that we have enlisted David Heide Design Studio of Minneapolis to oversee the whole deal. Construction Results Corporation of Plymouth, Minnesota, is literally doing a bang-up job, too. Together they’ll guide us through the remodel, including a substantial facelift inside the Beer Hall itself.

Since construction was completed in 1998, Summit Brewing Company’s Beer Hall, also known as the Ratskeller, has served as a meeting space for community organizations and non-profit groups, free of charge; it’s still used in this capacity multiple evenings every week. In recent years, however, public interest in taprooms has increased. “The original design was meant to accommodate the community and public tours, and give staff somewhere to eat their lunch,” says Summit Brewing Co. Founder and President Mark Stutrud. “Now it’s time to upgrade the experience for beer drinkers when they come visit.”

For more information about the progress of our remodel and any updates regarding construction, altered hours of operation, or beer, please visit