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Barley John’s Growlers

Colin Mullen, Barley John's basementTuesday and Wednesday this week, Barley John’s Brew Pub is offering $3.00 off all growler fills!

And in case you’re curious, here are their current seasonal beers:

PUMPKIN ALE [6.8%] Brewed with pumpkin and a mixture of spices, this orangish ale remembers that it is first a beer and then a spiced holiday treat. Subtle hits of ginger, cinnamon and pumpkin flavor come through with a slightly sweet malt finish. A perfect accompaniment to any holiday feast!

IMPERIAL STOUT [9.3%] Black as night with a creamy head, this stout is a a true imperial in body, taste and abv. Carbonated with nitrogen, the beer has a rich, smooth body and silky head. Only available in house – no growlers.

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