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Belg-a-Rama Starts Next Week at Blue Nile

…we’ll forgive Al at the Blue Nile for the name, but only because he’s offering up some great beers next week. Read on:

Anyone like Belgian beers? I do.
and here’s what I’m planning on doing. Everyone wants to know when my next beer event is, even before the latest one ends. So, instead of doing them every few months, and having a theme that over takes our entire tap line…once a month, every month, half of our taps will be devoted to Belgian beers for an entire week. Monday through Sunday, sample sets available, of course. The beers will not be repeated, and you can be assure of some rare and unique one. If you make it to every one for the next year, you will have have sampled 72 different Belgians.

#1 kicks off next Monday, Nov. 22 and the beers will be:

Bellegems Bruin, oud bruin, sour brown, Brouwerij Bockor,

Monk’s Cafe, Flemish Sour Red, Van Steenberge

Lucifer Blonde, Het Anker

Oud Beersel Framboise

Barbar Winter Bok, and

Peche Mel Scaldis, Brasserie duboisson.

Sounds good? You’ve got 7 days to come down to the Nile and check them out!