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Heh heh, we crack ourselves up.  Anywho…dateline, Lucan, home of the Brau Bros.

Hey Everyone,

Just thought I’d take a chance to let everyone know what’s going on at the brewery, and keep everyone up to date. I apologize for not touching base in over a month; it’s been extremely busy at the brewery and we’ve made some big changes.

First, we’ve added some much-needed help. Chance Mitchell has joined us in the brew house. Chance was crazy enough to move to Lucan about a month ago and he has been very helpful in increasing our production. Also, Alex Rank has joined our team as a market rep. Alex is based out of the twin cities, and will help provide a point person for that area. You’ll see Alex out and about at festivals, tastings, and samplings. If you see him, make sure to stop and say hi.

Things have been very busy lately. We have additional fermenters en route from the west coast, scheduled for late July delivery. We recently commissioned a new keg cleaner and filler, and are working on upgrading the bottling line. The building is bursting at the seams, and we are looking for options to expanding our square footage.

On Thursday, July 21st I’ll be speaking at a Brau Bros Beer Dinner at Jackpot Junction near Redwood Falls. I’ve seen the menu, and it looks fantastic. They’ve hosted beer dinners in the past, and they’re fantastic. Seating is limited, and I know there are only a few seats left. For info email me (removed link – check out their webpage) or call Jackpot It’ll be a blast.

We were hoping to get a late summer seasonal out, however limited capacity in the brew house means we’ll make big plans for Hundred Yard Dash Fresh Hop Ale this fall. The hops are looking terrific, especially considering the late spring and recent storms. It looks like we’re on track for another great hop harvest.