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Brewday from Hell

…not really, but it was certainly less than ideal. I made a higher-gravity hefeweizen , nicknamed “el jefe weizen,” today. I mashed indoors and heated water and boiled the wort out in the garage. My garage is detached and unheated and no thanks too the cold weather, it took me a while to reach a boil. The poor propane tank was cold, and I suspect I was nearing a freeze-up as my usually-noisy burner was relatively quiet, even at full-bore.

The wort reached a boil and I added some hops and decided to stir a bit. A stroke of idiotic genius hit me and I stirred just a bit too deep, dipping a couple of knuckles and the end of my thumb in boiling wort. It was a first, and hopefully a last. Ouch! The beer is presently chilling and my fingers are crossed that nothing else goes wrong… wish me luck!