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Enter Byggvir’s Big Beer Cup!

There’s still a little time to submit beer, mead and cider for this years Biggvir’s Big Beer Cup homebrew competition at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival! Read on for details from Gera. Of note, this year the best beer of the contest will be brewed by Mike Hoops at Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery!
There is still time to enter your beers, meads, and ciders in Byggvir’s Big Beer Cup.  We are accepting entries until store closing times on Sunday, August 12th at both Northern Brewers, Midwest, Brew & Grow, and Still H20.  This year, we are very excited that Mike Hoops has agreed to brew the best beer of the contest at Town Hall (more details are on the website)!
We already have more entries than last years, so we could also use more judges and stewards to help out at the contest.  The judging will be onsite at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival on Saturday, August 25 & Sunday, August 26.  You get into the Fest for free on the day you help out and we make sure you have plenty of time to enjoy the sights.  We welcome judges of all skill levels and will pair inexperienced judges with those who have BJCP rank.  This contest is registered with the AHA/BJCP.
To enter or sign up to help out:
Please email me if you have any questions:
Hope to see you there!
Gera Exire LaTour
Co-organizer, Byggvir’s Big Beer Cup