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Town Hall Brewery Blessing of the Maibock


12:00 am


Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery
1430 Washington Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN

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Maibock heralds the coming warmer and easier days for beer fans. Town Hall has embraced that tradition and on Saturday, May 3, they will be serving up a Maibock to help Minnesotans put the winter of 2014 behind us.

To lend the appropriate pageantry to the occasion, Father Aron Kramer, Vicar at St. Andrew’s By the Lake, will perform a short blessing over the beer and in a nod to Maibock’s country of origin, the restaurants will be adding German food items to their menus.

Join the celebration at the Town Hall Brewery 5 PM. Festivities include a blessing of the brewery and free Maibock until 6 PM.

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