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Hello, Beerly Beloved –

Chris here. I have a bunch of stuff to share, so after this sentence, I’m going to drop the conversational acrobatics and get right to it:


* Welcome Molly Moran! Molly is our first “new guy” and hopefully she won’t freak out when she realizes how crazy we are. Molly will be picking up the slack in Madison and Milwaukee – driving sales, doing events and keeping our customers happy and informed. Molly was the beer buyer at Steve’s on University (Madison) and was the front-of-house manager at a fine-dining joint in D.C. (Washington, that is), where she was responsible for creating the beer “program” – building a beer menu and suggesting food pairings. She’s smart, capable and experienced, and she’s going to make it possible for us to focus on getting a facility built in Spring Green. If you see her around, please be on your best behavior and make her feel welcome.

* A facility in Spring Green? You don’t say…. So we’ve weathered the first four + years of small business ownership, a significant economic downturn and our own self-doubt. We have lived to tell the tale, and you’re still drinking the beer. And there are lot of others who would like to drink the beer if only we could make enough. So it’s time for the next phase of Furthermore Beer, and we’re actively working on making that happen. I’ll be sending out some information regarding what we need to make a go of it very soon. So, if you’ve always wanted to own part of a brewery, find a home for some income so it won’t be taxed or have a rich uncle just dying to be less rich, we’ll be able to accommodate you. Stay tuned.

* We are switching to a different mail list host/server thingy this week. I’m not so bright and the interface we’ve been using isn’t very intuitive, so I’ve really struggled to make this newsletter look good. And I want to do better. We’ll try and make the switcheroo as painless as possible, but if you notice anything funky, please let me know so I can make it right.


* We have a Facebook page now. Be our PretendFriend ™, m’k?

* We were featured in a big ol’ glossy spread in Draft Magazine this month (September/October edition, page 9) and also in Minneapolis-St. Paul Magazine. How cool is that?

* Read about the event we did at Taliesin with Monty’s Blue Plate, Cooper’s Tavern, Otter Creek Farm and Black Earth Meats here:


* 9/30 through 10/2: Autumn Brew Review and associated events. Twin Cities.

* 10/13: Shitty Barn Session No.5: The Pines. Last one of the season. I’ll send out more info later today, but tix are available at The General Store in Spring Green and at Brown Paper Tickets online (event is posted there, but waiting for it to be approved. Should happen in the next couple of hours):

* 10/23: Shitty Barn Party: We’re closing out the Year of the Barn on Saturday, October 23rd from 6 pm until 2 am in a free-for-all of epic proportions: coffee, beer (releasing our new beer, Hopperbolic), music, art, camping, fire, food, ping-pong. Mark your calendar and clear your Sunday for recovery. You’re gonna need it.

*10/29 and 10/30: Dane101’s Freakin’ Halloween and Furthermore Beer’s Madison Hopperbolic release. You be Sigfried, I’ll be Roy. You be Run, I’ll be DMC. Featuring lots of bands pretending to be bands they’re not. Awesome.

* Our full calendar of events is here.


* Were you at the last Barn Session? The one with Underground Food Collective and Communist Daughter? Yes? Ok, so… ComDaught got a late start from the Cities and then got caught in a hail storm on HWY 94. As a result, they were VERY late to the Session. We are truly sorry for this and hope you were able to stay for their late set – it was terrific. That said, I want to extend a “Harty” thank-you to Josh, who filled-in for the first set, and as usual was brilliant. I also want to offer my personal apology to our incredibly patient audience and to let you know that I feel your pain. If you had to leave early and didn’t get to see the band, or were just pissed-off about the way the evening unfolded, please contact me directly: I’ll do my level-best to make it right.

Ok, then, TTFN –