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FYI: Town Hall Anniversary Beers

FYI, these beers sell out FAST. We were at Town Hall by 6:45 (possibly a bit earlier) and their Coffee Porter was already gone! I’d suggest that if you want a pint of these special beers, get there early.

And the growlers? Since there are so few growlers of the special beers, they’ve been holding a raffle of sorts to determine who gets to buy the growlers. They pass out tickets until about 6:30 and draw numbers at 6:45 to determine who gets to buy growlers of the brew. As far as I’m concerned, this is probably the best way to handle things.

I ended up enjoying their MN Harvest, an amber ale made with wild rice and maple syrup. I couldn’t help but notice that they ran out of Roggen Bier tonight, so look for another seasonal offering from Town Hall shortly. I think that I saw their 1800 listed on the board as I walked out, but I’m not entirely sure.