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Get Surly Around Town

Free Surly, hard to find Surly, if you know where to look you can have it all.

Hard To Find Surly #1
Apparently last night Stub & Herb’s broke out one of only four Surly Mild casks in existence. Assuming those in attendance when it was tapped weren’t too thirsty, there might be some left today. No guarantees, but heck even if you get there and it’s gone, there will be plenty more taps of tasty brews to choose from.

Free Surly
Do some afternoon drinking on the cheap over at Pracna on Main Saturday by taking advantage of one free Surly Bender or Furious on tap when you say hi at the bar.

Hard to Find Surly #2
Our man, Al, over at the Blue Nile has gotten his hands on another small keg of Surly Four and will be tapping it Monday night. You know this one won’t last long.