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Get yer Surly Smoke tonight!

Surly will be tapping a keg of 2008 Smoke at MacKenzie Pub tonight (Tuesday, November 25th) around 7:00.

A couple of other Surly notes the Nation might be interested in:
For what remains of November, pitchers of Surly Furious are only $9.50 at the CC Club.

For those of you concerned about not having an empty Surly growler to get filled with 16 Grit, their double IPA, you no longer have to worry. They are ordering 500 more growlers.


  1. Brad Beck says:

    Can you bring any empty growler, or does it have to be and empty Surly growler?

  2. ryan says:

    In Minnesota, you can only bring growlers from Surly to Surly, Flat Earth to Flat Earth, etc. Breweries and brewpubs can’t fill other breweries’ growlers.

  3. Ben says:

    Werd. Unless you goto Rock Bottom which doesn’t seem teach their employees about those rules (or they just have too many employees to make them all aware) so they will usually fill anything. Barley John’s will put their own sticker over other growlers and fill them (don’t plan on bringing them back elsewhere unless you take off every last bit of sticker unless you wanna piss some people off).

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