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Join the Team is looking for a handful of individuals to take part in keeping fresh. Basically we’re looking for people that enjoy beer as much as we do. Members will add cool links, news and events to the main page of the site. Homebrew club members are especially encouraged to take part as are folks from outside of the Twin Cities.

Requirements? A drive to share cool beer-related information as well as the ability to write in complete sentences. Tough, eh? Right now we’re using Blogger to manage the main page so you really don’t need any technical skills to take part… if you can remember a username and password, you meet our “requirements!”

Benefits? Right. We’ll hook you up with an e-mail address and any other swag as it comes along. You have our blessing to try to impress members of the opposite sex by mentioning, “I’m from…” Uh, good luck with that.

Anyway, if you’d like to take part, drop us a line.