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Keep Minnesota Brewing

This comes to us from Don Brewington in Duluth, Minnesota.

Keep Minnesota Brewing

This infighting and name calling makes everyone look bad. I get the feeling that we are being played by some larger power. This is all moot now anyway, no one can win this argument.

Minnesota needs real brewery law reform. We should aim to have laws that mirror Wisconsin. If we organize all the beer lovers in the state and they in turn call and write their legislatures on a weekly basis until the changes are made we will have a real chance. We need to frame those who oppose it as being anti-job, anti-business, anti-Minnesota, as being outsiders trying to control Minnesota.

We need to educate the public. I always explain Minnesota’s beer laws when I give tours at LSB. Ninety percent of the people have no idea, and these are individuals who care enough about Minnesota beer to visit an out of the way brewery.

If any of you support the idea of “Wisconsinfying” the brewery laws of Minnesota please contact me at

This is still a Democracy if we rise up we will win.

Don Brewington
Duluth, MN