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Lake Superior Brewing Update

Here’s an update from Duluth’sLake Superior Brewing Co.

We have received our new bottling and it is running very well. Outbreaks of bottling induced Tourette Syndrome have been reduced by around 90%. It is a 2006 six head Maheen Merlin built just for us and it operates at over twice the speed of our old line. It also produces very little waste and doesn’t break down. This new line will enable us to ramp up output in the coming months.

Our current seasonal is the Seven Bridges Brown. This is a small beer brewed form the
second running of our Old Man Winter Barley Wine. This is one of a very few true small
beers commercially produced, so check it out.

As always, everyone is more than welcome to stop by the brewery and have a beer with us.
Give us a call at 218 723 4000 when you are headed up north.

Don Brewington
Lake Superior Brewing