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MBA Memberships – Winter Enrollment

Did you miss your first crack at a Great Waters MBA membership earlier this year? And you’ve been hearing about all the great benefits from your beer friends? Well, just in time for the holidays a second chance is coming.

Get your Master’s…IN BEER.
Winter enrollment for our MBA mug club begins at 10am on Saturday, Dec 5th.

The benefits:
Free t-shirt, growler, and glass at registration
Happy hour beer prices at all times
$1 pints from noon-4 on sundays
Free beer every 10 visits
Additional awards for frequent visits
Discounts to special events and beer dinners
Free dinner on your birthday
Yearly MBA member party

The price:
MBA Degree – Lifetime Membership: $150
Freshman – First Year Membership: $75
Yearly members would pay $50 for sophomore year, $40 for junior year, and $35 for senior year. After those four years you are graduated to a lifetime MBA degree.

You must register in person – or send a friend to register for you. No phone or email registrations will be accepted.