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New Brewery Offers Epic Tasting

Maybe you’ve seen the twitter tease, the BA banter, well here’s the deal about the new brewery entering Minnesota.

Tomorrow night at the Ale Jail, directly after the Alaskan tasting (5pm – 7pm), Epic Brewing Co. from Salt Lake City, UT brings their wares to the Ale Jail. This will be the first tasting of this beer in the state and the owner of the company is flying into the Twin Cities with the bombers on the plane with him! I had never even heard of them, and am pretty excited about their entrance.

As soon as the Alaskan beers are drained, the Epic beers will roll out–but only for 45 minutes, from 7:15 – 8pm. Not only is the time frame short, but the list is, well, epic:

Intermountain Wheat
Capt’n Crompton’s Pale Ale
Cross Fever Amber Ale
Galloway Porter
Spiral Jetty IPA
Pfeifferhorn Lager
Copper Cone Pale Ale (Bronze Medal, SDIBF)
825 State Stout (Bronze GABF 2010, Oatmeal Stout )
Hopulent IPA
Brainless Belgian Golden Ale (Double Gold, SDIBF & NABA)
Brainless on Cherries
Brainless on Peaches
Sour Apple Saison
Straight Up Saison
Imperial Red Ale
Imperial IPA release#2 or release#3
Imperial Stout
Rio’s Rompin’ Rye
Smoke and Oaked Belgian Style Ale Release 1, one year old, release 3 is coming out shortly!
Barley Wine

This will be the only opportunity until the beers arrive at the local distributor sometime in the next 4-6 weeks.

Attending Beer School tomorrow? No problem, stop by after class, it’s a hop, skip and a jump!


  1. Daryl VB says:

    I stopped by the brewery in Salt Lake in March. Great place in downtown SLC. The day we stopped, they took us on a quick tour of the brewery. Small, new brewery and they were still brining in some new equipment to expand production. Glad to see them coming into MN.

  2. Mattm says:

    I wonder what % of their output leaves Utah.

  3. Adam Schulte says:

    Hey guys, we hosted the tasting tonight and it was really something. Great beers! I asked David, the owner, how many barrels he produced and he said they are at 4,000 with ability to expand to 13,000. They are in 4 states and produce 4,000 barrels and over 24 varieties of 22 oz bombers! So happy to have them in MN.

  4. Mag says:

    I had some Epic while on a recent trip to Colorado (at Oskar Blues’ brewpub, Home Made Liquids & Solids). I believe it was Brainless on Peaches. It was pretty damn good. A number of folks-in-the-know that we spoke with in Colorado spoke very highly of Epic, including Oskar Blues’ founder, Dale Katechis. I’d recommend going out of your way to try some of their beers. I know I’ll be keeping my eyes/mouth open for more.

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