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Schell’s Stag Series #4, Summit Unchained #7

In a move that surprised even myself, I got a note today from brewer Dave Berg announcing that Schell’s next Stag Series beer will be a “German IIPA” with nods to both the breweries German heritage and current fascination with big, bold, boozy hoppy beers. Said Berg, “Not many people know this, but after a few years in New Ulm, I’ve developed a bit of a fascination with with hop-forward beers. It came as a surprise really… like discovering The Suburbs in high school. They just blew me away.” Berg said that the beer will feature pilsener and Munich malts as well as loads and loads of Hallertau hops and Schell’s house lager yeast. Lager yeast? “Yes. That’s one of the “secrets’ to make this beer special.”

Also finding its way to my inbox tonight was yet another internal memo from Summit Brewing Co., detailing their latest Unchained beer. This beer, said to be a departure from the rest of the series actually draws inspiration from The Blue Nile’s Al McCarty. “It’s a blend, a veritable “Suicide” so to speak. Of course we’re not calling it that…” McCarty lent his expertise and began blending Summit offerings over the course of several months. The beer is a careful blend of Summit’s EPA, Horizon Red, Porter and a high octane version of their Oatmeal Stout that will be blended aged in French oak barrels with additions of vanilla beans & cocoa nibs. “It’s gnarly. Period.” Look for it on tap in early June, and in bottles by mid-June.

Looks like we’ve been duped. Al & Summit confirmed that this indeed is a joke.


  1. aperfectpint says:

    So would that be similar to the Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster that Al once “blended” for me and some friends?
    Problem is, he doesn’t remember the recipe. He doesn’t even remember making it. The Gargle Blaster did it’s job.

  2. Chad says:

    As implausible as it is, wouldn’t it be “IIPL”?

  3. Ben says:

    Sounds like April Fools to me.

  4. Andrew S says:

    Both of these sounds truly awesome!

  5. Trav says:

    Tougher to fool people every year. Pour Decisions unique twist on April Fools is the wave of the future. Make something up that sounds insane, then actually do it!

  6. ryan says:

    If you know Dave, the first suggestion is insane.

    Stranger yet is that people seem to think we’ve duped them with Muddy Pig at 50th & France. That one’s legit.

    Not that these aren’t… or are they?

  7. ryan says:

    So was the Suburbs right or should I have chosen The Replacements?

  8. David Berg says:

    The Suburbs is probably more accurate. It is Fergus Falls, after all.

  9. al says:

    Michael, I’d have to revisit the tap line-up from my 42nd birthday to reveal the recipe, and it’s unlikely to have those beers together again.

    Thanks for using my name in vain, guys, I’m honored.

  10. aperfectpint says:

    You are the god of beer, Al.

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