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Summit Unchained 8

The eighth beer in Summit’s Unchained series comes courtesy of Mike Lundell, the brewer also responsible for the third beer in the series,  India Rye Ale. This time around, he’s making a Black Ale. Details below:

Black Ale (still awaiting TTB approval on name, so could change)
Brewer: Mike Lundell
Color: 70 degrees Lovibond

IBU: 65
ABV 6.5

Malt: 2-row Harrington, Torrified Wheat, Cara Wheat, Midnight Wheat, and Carafa III Special

Hops: New Zealand Pacific Jade, Australian Galaxy

Medium bodied ale with a pronounced citrus/passion fruit/mango aroma, slight astringent/burnt character from the black malt. Think black colored hoppy ale.

The beer will be released late October/early November. More definite dates to come once production is scheduled.


  1. Ben says:

    Sounds like another winner. Hope to see the Unchained Series continue on for years to come. Would love to see some make a return appearance too.

  2. Andy s says:

    Agreed Ben….especially the Imperial pumpkin porter….on a side note why doesn’t Summit bottle there oatmeal stout…it would sell.

  3. Ben says:

    Isn’t the Oatmeal Stout only served on nitro?

  4. Andy s says:

    I have seen it on regular tap

  5. Lundell’s India Rye Ale was one of the best beers they’ve done in years. This announcement makes the ending of summer not seem so bad. Can’t wait to try it..

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