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SOLD OUT! Surly Anniversary Dinner at Cafe 28

It should come as no surprise that the Surly Anniversary Dinner sold out in a mere 32 hours. Cafe 28 asked me to let folks know that they’re taking names for a cancellation list: 612-926-2800. Good luck…

Original post is below the fold…

I was trying to think of something witty and clever to say about this, but all I could come up with was…WOW.

A six course food/seven course beer dinner on the Monday before Valentine’s Day. Don’t know what to get your husband the beer geek or your wife the beer enthusiast for Valentine’s Day? The Surly Anniversary Dinner is just the ticket. The dinner will be $75.00 a person including tax and tip. Seating is very limited. Please call Cafe 28 for reservations at 612-926-2800.

Aperitif Mild

1st Course Surly sausage with sweet onion custard Smoke

2nd Course Black eye pea soup with Fisher Farm bacon and creme fraiche Oak Aged Bender

3rd Course Flat iron steak with potato nest, arugula and blue cheese Two

4th Course Warm salad of winter greens, roasted mushrooms and pimenton vinaigrette Bourbon One

5th Course Cheese Plate Barrel Aged 2006 Darkness

6th Course Chocolate Cake with Smoke ice cream and pretzel brittle Coffee Bender