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Surly Grand Opening

Pssst! Surly is having their grand opening in May!

Mark your calanders! Surly is planning on opening to the public for tours (which involve beer tastings) on May 12 & 13. Yes 2006. Look, we have been really busy brewing beer because people keep drinking it. Yes, it took a long time. Look, it’s gonna be cool. Two beers on cask, Bourbun Bender and maybe a dry-hopped cask of Furious. I’m not sure exactly, I’ll have to see what Todd wants to do special for the Grand Opening. Of course we will have Bender and Furious on tap. Our summer beer? Well it may or might not be ready. More details to follow. See you here.

P.S. The April 1st posting about Surly versus Surly was, of course, an April Fool’s joke.