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Surly Update

News from Surly:

Hello Surly Nation,

news from Brooklyn Center:

The Taste of the Midwest in Madison was a blast. Folks loved the beer (check
out the photos) and we had a great time getting slapped around at a local
gyro shop Friday night.

We are having a tour coming up Saturday, August 26th. Noon – 3:00. Stop on
by for a beer.

We like to have fun with our beer. Beer at a movie theater – very fun.
Drinking Surly beer while watching a movie about drinking beer – its like a
dream come true. Thusly, we will be at the New Hope Cinema Grill August 30th
for a Surly screening of Beerfest, the latest movie from Broken Lizard.
Check out our calander page for specials that night.

The great thing abount the New Hope Cinema Grill; you can walk into that
movie theater and buy a beer. And, I don’t mean just like a paper cup, I’m
talking about a glass of beer.

Bad news – Surlyfest is being postponed. We simply run out of time to do
things the way we hoped. Sorry.