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Summit/Blue Plate “Hops Like a Kangaroo IPA” Release

To celebrate Blue Plate Restaurants‘ 20th anniversary, Summit’s Damian McConn brewed an Australian IPA.

Beer description per head brewer Damian McConn:
“New Aussie hops. Old Aussie yeast strain. Yank malt for the base. This assertive unfiltered White IPA combines the fruitiness of a classic yeast from Down Under with the spicy earthiness of next generation Tasmanian hop varieties. Clean assertive bitterness, stone fruit flavours and a solid aroma of spicy peach and mango.”

Quantities limited. Special prices on all Summits for the month of April 2013.

April 1: Groveland Tap 11am

April 2: Edina Grill 6-8pm*

April 8: Highland Grill 11am

April 10: The Lowry 4pm

April 19: Longfellow Grill 3pm

April 24: 3 Squares 5-7pm*

*meet the brewer

Blue Plate Restaurant Group’s “Beer for Boobs”

Four locations of The Blue Plate Restaurant Group will present three days of “BEER for BOOBS,” in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, taking place at The Edina Grill, The Groveland Tap, The Longfellow Grill, and 3 Squares on Oct 26th, 27th, 28th featuring beer from Summit Brewing Company and Third Street Brewhouse.

This charitable event is designed to raise money for Pay It Forward, a local charity giving 100% of the proceeds to be used to help breast and women’s cancer patients pay essential living expenses and medical assistance while they go through treatment.

The proceeds raised during the BPRC 3 Day Beer for Boobs event will go towards Pay It Forward. Is there a better way to feel good about drinking beer? Good beer for a good cause!

Longfellow Patio Party with Tallgrass

Patio parties at Longfellow Grill are always a good time. This time around, they’ll be pouring Tallgrass beers, offering up $3 BBQ brisket sandwiches and live music by The Jupes. They’ll be pouring Halcyon, 8-bit, and Buffalo Sweat as well as a firkin of Halcyon wheat with apricots and Mt. Hood hops and a west coast IPA that’s never been poured in Minnesota (6:30pm tapping for that one…).

Flyer below the fold…