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Summit/Blue Plate “Hops Like a Kangaroo IPA” Release

To celebrate Blue Plate Restaurants‘ 20th anniversary, Summit’s Damian McConn brewed an Australian IPA.

Beer description per head brewer Damian McConn:
“New Aussie hops. Old Aussie yeast strain. Yank malt for the base. This assertive unfiltered White IPA combines the fruitiness of a classic yeast from Down Under with the spicy earthiness of next generation Tasmanian hop varieties. Clean assertive bitterness, stone fruit flavours and a solid aroma of spicy peach and mango.”

Quantities limited. Special prices on all Summits for the month of April 2013.

April 1: Groveland Tap 11am

April 2: Edina Grill 6-8pm*

April 8: Highland Grill 11am

April 10: The Lowry 4pm

April 19: Longfellow Grill 3pm

April 24: 3 Squares 5-7pm*

*meet the brewer