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Friday 5ive: The Thin White Flu, Instead

I had grand plans of seeing the David Bowie Is exhibit in Chicago this week before it closes January 4th, but life got in the way and I was stuck home with the flu. Here’s some Bowie covers to make up for my loss:


Golden Smog – Starman

They put it on an album, but luckily somebody recorded this portion of a live version at the Cedar.


Dandy Warhols – The Jean Genie

Something they’ve done live, but it’s more fun to listen to them stumble through this album version.


Nine Inch Nails – I’m Afraid of Americans

A perfect combination for me: “Earthling” Bowie is one of my favorite phases of his, and I listened to NIN every time I mowed the lawn at age 14.


M-Ward – Let’s Dance

Doesn’t have to be bigger to be better (or equal, in this case)


Beck – Sound and Vision

And now for something completely different.

Friday 5ive: Winter’s Coming

The cold is settling in. Winterblot is at the Triple Rock on Saturday and Surly’s new facility opens today, so it would feel out of place today to feature anything but heavy metal from northern climates. Conveniently, Scandinavia is full of metal bands past and present, as illustrated by this map that made the internet rounds a couple years ago. With so many bands spread across many nuanced styles of metal, choosing just five was a tall task. I realize I’m only scratching the surface. Here are some of my faves:

Candlemass (Sweden) – Bewitched
My favorite unintentionally hilarious video. Ridiculous by today’s standards, but about what you’d expect from a limited budget in 1987.

Highlight: guitar “solo” while wearing a cast


Bathory (Sweden) – Home of Once Brave
From the album “Hammerheart” which, if you weren’t already aware, is the namesake of Lino Lakes’ own HammerHeart Brewing. Pretty much epitomizes epic, poetic viking metal.


At The Gates (Sweden) – Slaughter of the Soul
Man, this sound was 90’s metal. Listening to stuff like this I’m instantly whisked away to age twelve in my friend’s basement, playing Sega Genesis and acting like I knew what all three buttons did.


Amon Amarth (Sweden) – Twilight of the God of Thunder
Crisp, calculated shredding with a savvy frontman who seamlessly jumps between self-aware banter and a menacing death growl; it’s easy to understand why these guys are so popular.


Finintroll (Finland) – Under Bergets Rot
Self-described “trollish hoedown metal”? Sold.

Crawfish Boil at Summit Brewing Company

Ready for a taste of the bayou? On Friday, May 31st, Summit Brewing Company is hosting a crawfish boil put on by Chef Tim and the krewe from the Cajun 2 Geaux food truck. The boil will include crawfish, shrimp, Andouille sausage, corn-on-the-cob, potatoes and cauliflower. If you want in on some of this goodness, you’ll need to RSVP and the spots are filling up fast. Follow this link to RSVP. The event is from 6-8 p.m. Local brass band McNasty Brass Band will be performing as well. Summit Brewing Company is at 910 Montreal Circle in St. Paul.