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Surly Asator Viking IPA



Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, if you don’t like metal (or at least beer), this post is a bust! Bonus points if you can pick the song and artist whose lyrics I (poorly) co-opted.*

In any case, whether or not metal is your thing, Surly has a new limited draft release beer that might just tickle your proverbial fancy. Surly brewed Asator Viking IPA for an upcoming Amon Amarth metal show at Mill City Nights on February 8th. Asator is a dark IPA brewed with peated malt and fermented on oak. If you’ve ever visited the brewery, you’ve likely heard a blast or two of metal: “The Surly production team is fueled by metal, so what better way to honor three of our favorite bands who have braved the winter to perform for Minnesota.” said head-banger…er brewmaster, Todd Haug.

You’ll be able to catch a taste of Asator Viking IPA at show first, and then for a very limited time at the Surly Taproom starting on Wednesday, February 12.