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Schell’s Stag Series #8, August’s Bock

Here’s another one to watch for from August Schell Brewing Co. For the 8th beer in their Stag Series, they’ve teamed up with Gold Ochsen Brauerei in New Ulm’s sister city, Ulm German. Both cities are also host to 5th generation family-owned breweries and both breweries were founded by men named August. Working in collaboration, they decided to brew a Blonde Doppel Bock. Both breweries used specialty malts from Weyerman with each brewery using their own base Pilsner malt – Rahr for Schell’s and Schwabenmalz for Gold Ochsen. Both breweries used Emerald, Tattnanger and Saphir hops during the boil and then each brewery used a different newer German hop variety in the whirlpool and as a dry hop. Schell’s used Polaris hops and Gold Ochsen used Mandarina Bavaria. Both beer were then fermented with the respective brewries’ house lager yeast and will mature for a couple of months before packaging. August Bock should appear in both breweries’ markets in November.augustbock

Schell’s Stag Series #7 Barleywine

Schell's Stag Series #7August Schell Brewing Co.releases the 7th beer in their Stag Series, an American Barleywine, next week. They brewed about 200bbl of the beer and each of the 100 bbl brews  required two separate mashes of over 6,000 pounds of malt.  They added 150 pounds of hop, fermented it with American Ale yeast and aged it for three+ months. Now it’s your turn. Schell’s says to expect “an amped up malt flavor, high alcohol (9.5% ABV) and heaping amounts of citrusy American hops.” Look for this beer starting February 28th.