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Tap Updates

Browse the tap listings at right and you’ll notice a few changes here and there. First off, Bandana Brewery is down to two beers, their St. Peter Red and the Walnut Grove ESB.

I spoke with someone from the Brauhaus in Lucan, MN today and they won’t have anything on tap for about four weeks as they’re moving their brewery off-site. I’m anxious to learn more.

Great Waters now has a stout on cask and Tighty Whitey Wit on tap. Rumor has it that they’ll have an English pale ale on cask in a few days.

Green Mill Brewing Co. over in St. Paul has a raspberry wheat along with a honey brown ale as seasonal offerings, The Herkimer now has an Oktoberfest, Dortmunder lager and their Tooler’s Weiss in addition to their regular line-up, Minneapolis Town Hall has a surprise (?) Grand Cru on tap along with their smoked porter and Simcoe pale ale and Rock Bottom will be tapping their “Rocktoberfest” in less than two weeks!