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Thank You Rock Bottom

Dawn stopped by Rock Bottom Brewery tonight both before and after an event downtown and after mentioning was treated to a few samples on the house. Dawn’s notes mention hefeweizen, pilsner and maibock (transcribed as “my bock” but she’s only been appreciating great brews for the past year or so) as specialties. I’ll have to pry more information out of her tomorrow. In any case, thanks for the free beer. Breweries, brewpubs and bars, please note that the folks involved from MNBeer (and their spouses, as it were) will gladly drink your beer at no cost to you!

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  1. fantome says:

    Thanks for posting this. I’d love to see more appreciation of Rock Bottom in the Twin Cities.

    When Todd Haug brewed there, people wrote off Rock Bottom as ‘too corporate.’ You know what? Todd made great beer at Rock Bottom. And now he makes great beer at Surly.

    Todd hired his successor at Rock Bottom. Hand picked! Another excellent brewer – Bryon Tonnis. Consistently good beer at Rock Botom. And the seasonals are fantastic.

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